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Hi Newgrounds

2009-01-04 00:14:47 by LadyJava

Hello as you can see i Recently found newgrounds, well I like flash and know a little of it so i plan to upload some stuff and make some new stuff soon, I may be new to the site but hope you all will enjoy my flash stuffs.

Toodles ^_^

Hi Newgrounds


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2009-01-04 00:21:03

Welco- Holy shit you're close.


2009-01-04 00:21:14

Welcome to the fuck-hole, I am igott. -Your Bible and Handbook on NG. READ IT 3 TIMES OVER AND RESPECT THE RULES.

1) Get used to cocks real fast, NG can't get enough of it.
2) Don't fight the BBS.
3) Grammar. Use it.
4) This ain't anything Close to MySpace, in figures of speech; That was America to you and now, you're in 'Nam. Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse everyday.


2009-01-04 00:24:00

yaaaaay, more flash artists :D welcome to newgrounds m'lady ^_^ your gonna have loads of fun here..


2011-06-16 00:35:50

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2017-01-02 10:26:18

A way belated Welcome, Lady Java!

LadyJava responds:

Thank you