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Audio Portal Tracks needed

2009-01-20 13:10:04 by LadyJava

Hello again,
Well I love Music and I love the audio portal, I want to put some of my own stuff on there when i have time, but for now I am working on flash to help promote audio artists.

Well I am working on some flash stuff, and i would like to find some unique sounding audio works, it can be the strangest or even the oldest i plan to use as much audio as i can find, so if you want your work in flash and to be noticed post in this blog a link to your work and I will be glad to use it and promote your work with it. I am NOT looking for mainstream stuff or high voted stuff i want to use work from artists that need that promotion or its something odd and differant,

So post those links so i can start working on the flash. I plan to make differant flash stuff so the more the better.


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2009-01-20 14:15:07

i've got stuff that ranges from crappy metal to some dancey kind of stuff, but the only setback is it's all midi :(
my latest effort doesn't sound too bad tho

LadyJava responds:

I have been working on some stuff and i believe i have something with your audio one of em atleast.


2009-02-07 13:58:30

Just curious, do you happen to know of the user, Cyberdevil? He has been doing something similar to this.
Can't say I mind the idea, though. Giving exposure to an underexposed Audio Portal would be good for the artists, I'd imagine.

LadyJava responds:

I dont know who you are talking about. but i have seen a few simular flash like i have done here. I try and add animation to mine as it also helps me to understand flash at the sametime.