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Almost thanksgiving

2016-11-09 23:20:11 by LadyJava

Soits almost turkey day whats everyone have planned? any good food ideas?


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2016-11-10 03:40:38

No thanksgiving day in my country.
But I can tell you this : Some years ago on Christmas, my mother made a turkey stuffed with bacon, chorizo and potatoes. It was gloriously tasty (º- º ) b


2016-11-21 19:50:08

Might go to a friends house, since all my cookery is locked up in storage.
Deviled eggs: regular Guldens mustard, mayo, cooked yolks, then sprinkle paprika on the tops of the filled whites. Green beans, Campbell's mushroom soup, and dried French's onions... baked works well.

LadyJava responds:

Develed eggs are always good.


2016-11-29 11:38:17

I thought maybe I'd eat... some food. Give some thanks. Maybe. No particular plans. :) No Thanksgiving in Sweden either.

Though hope you had a Happy one! It's the time to think of good things, at least.

LadyJava responds:

Sorry I didn't respond before but was out of town


2016-12-11 12:12:30

No worries at all. :) Thanksigiving out-of-towning?

LadyJava responds:

Yes was busy how are you cyberdevil


2016-12-22 15:37:11

Pretty good, though way too busy prepping for the New Year, plunging through old projects in one long hopeless sweep. :) Soon time to take it easier again, though; get into that season spirit and savor the moments. How bout you? What do the holidays entail on your side of the planet?

LadyJava responds:

I was out of town. I'm back now.


2016-12-24 15:00:09

I'm at a total loss for Christmas dinner, bad enough I've only got a bar fridge to work out of, and commuting in Megacity #1 is perilous this time of year, even the overpriced local shops are jammed with witless consumers *sigh, maybe Amazon can airlift me a nice turkey dinner. Spending some time w/ family for Xmas?

LadyJava responds:

Lots of stuff going on


2017-01-02 10:26:09

Suppose more revealing recaps of said out of town activities won't be given. :P Always good to get away every once in a while though.

Unrelated question: was there ever an Audio Mix #001?

LadyJava responds:

Yeah it didn't do well.


2017-01-02 16:57:23

No celebration the past few months. too broke!

LadyJava responds:



2017-01-23 11:03:22

I suppose it's a little too late to mention.
But I did all the cooking.
Wasn't too hard but I hate it when I prep and cook everything but the gravy.
Then that's when the holidays get riotous.