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Entry #5

Yay 2017

2017-01-03 23:50:09 by LadyJava

Yay and we are still alive, Lets rock 2017 like its 1999 again :)


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2017-01-04 00:01:54

Were we not supposed to be alive?

LadyJava responds:

no the computers didn't blow up


2017-01-04 00:39:30

Yup, any year you can walk away from... 1999 wasn't so crash hot, economy was definitely cooling down, still tons better then, say, 2007.

Where were you when the odometer turned? I was trying to sleep at the time, still can't decide if someone around here's got an automatic pistol, or just a well timed finger. The someone blew up something like 2 sticks of dynamite, couldn't go back to sleep

LadyJava responds:

yeah it was a crazy time.


2017-01-04 16:11:38

Yeaaah, let's treat each New Year as if it was a millennium! :D Happy New One!

LadyJava responds:

hehe yeah


2017-01-10 12:19:48

GIRL. are yuo in londonĂ·!!!!

LadyJava responds:

No lol


2017-01-23 11:01:35

I was like, four in '99.
But I partied hard tho.


2017-02-13 08:20:06

Another valentine day alone,kill me

LadyJava responds:

Why alone


2017-02-14 09:54:32

No gf of course.

LadyJava responds:

Awww sorry